Friday, May 31, 2013

Google Advanced Pill makes me Human Body be Password

Motorola is now Google's efforts to introduce children to new ways of remembering a password in the smartphone until the tablet PC. Ie with an advanced pill can be swallowed.

With these Google Smart Pills, bodi that eat into some sort of password and transmits the signal to multiple devices. This sophisticated tablet demonstrated by Regina Gazzaneo, research head of Motorola who used to work at the United States Department of Defense.

"I take vitamins every day, so why do not I eat this kind of vitamins?" Gazzaneo ask the AllThingsD conference as quoted from Pocket Lint, Friday (31/05/2013).

How does it work? The pill has a tiny chip in it and a battery that works with the acid in the stomach. When eaten, the electrolyte in the battery to power the body and make the body as a token password.

"Your whole body into authentication tokens. You have a superpower. Authentication for Your Body be a phone, computer, or mobile door," said Gazzaneo.

This pill has been approved authority the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in the U.S., it is safe consumption. But still it takes long enough to be used widely.

"This thing was not immediately available, but we are
try it and successful," added CEO Mototola, Dennis Woodside.

In addition to the pill, also brewed Gazzaneo tattoo can be a password on the human body. Tattoos that have antennas and sensors that can connect to the phone.

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